What is Workplace as a Service (WaaS)?

Workplace as a Service (WaaS) is an evolution of Software as a Service (SaaS). Instead of being purchased, workplace as a service is leased. Companies like DHI provide IT workplaces via the cloud. Equipment becomes unnecessary as most of the applications and computing power are accessible via the cloud at any time increasing flexibility, reliability, security, and transparency while decreasing overall costs to businesses and users. 

What are the benefits of Workplace as a Service?

Similarly to SaaS, WaaS uses a lease model so it does not require high acquisition costs when businesses decide to implement WaaS as a solution. Depending on the provider, WaaS may be invoiced monthly or annually and may include updates, maintenance, and device servicing. This model saves businesses tons of time and guarantees components are constantly up to date. The lease model can also be tailored to businesses as they scale, making WaaS helpful to businesses of all sizes.  

With the flexibility of WaaS, employees can work from anywhere, increasing productivity and reducing overhead costs of workspaces. As employees are able to access the workplace from personal devices anywhere, security can seem to be a larger concern. However, a major benefit of data being stored in the cloud rather than on the device is any damage to personal equipment will not result in data loss. The other benefit of WaaS security is that when you’re working with a trusted WaaS provider they deploy advanced security such as antivirus, data encryption, 24/7 network monitoring, and much more to ensure comprehensive protection for your workplace.

Another benefit of WaaS is the ability to customize your workplace which allows for an unmatched user experience. In conventional office spaces, employees were each assigned dedicated desktops. However some employees only need certain programs or apps to perform their job, so assigning an entire desktop was inefficient and unnecessarily costly. With WaaS, companies are able to assign single applications or customized workspaces to their employees for seamless delivery. 

Working with a trusted WaaS provider ensures business continuity and uninterrupted work. With guaranteed uptimes and network monitoring around the clock, you can trust that your workspace will be accessible, secure, and functioning anytime you need it to ensure business maintains maximum productivity.

Are there any disadvantages of Workplace as a Service?

Perhaps the only disadvantage of the WaaS lease model is that the nature of the service requires a dependent relationship with the service provider. Making sure you are working with a company you trust is paramount. Review your WaaS contract to verify your provider guarantees 24/7 monitoring, comprehensive security, and maximum uptime. 

WaaS and SaaS

Maximum security and flexibility are achieved with WaaS and Saas working in tandem. The combination of these two models reduces the need for a company’s IT management and helps avoid excessive investment costs for software. Read What is Software as a Service?  


Many office space positions are rapidly being replaced by remote workers. With flexibility, reduced cost, increased productivity, and guaranteed security WaaS is the clear choice for many expanding businesses. Talk to a WaaS expert today to explore tailored solutions for your growing business.