What is ITaaS?

IT stands for information technology. IT as a Service (ITaaS) is a managed technology service providing enterprises with the exact amount of hardware, software, and support they require on a monthly basis to perform daily business operations. These technologies are used for creating, storing, managing, and exchanging business information. Teams with expert IT experience, such as DHI, offer these services to companies in many different industries. 

What are the benefits of IT as a Service?

ITaaS covers a diverse range of benefits. As with other technology service models, the main benefit is low upfront costs. Instead of a business investing in storing and managing its own IT, they are able to pay a lower cost with a subscription model. Users only pay for the technology they use.  ITaaS also offers continuous security, monitoring, and maintenance. When working with a company like DHI, you can trust you have expert technical support taking care of any issues that may arise to provide the best security and guaranteed uptime. Support teams take care of keeping software ware and programs up to date regularly. Lastly, working with a vendor providing ITaaS allows for scalability. As your company grows, the service and space you need will scale with you in an affordable way.

Key Components of ITaaS

Business Centric

ITaaS vendors organize their services around the business requirements of the organizations they are working with. Rather than having IT on-premise, this model works to allow businesses to use only what they need and scale as they expand. 


Pricing of ITaaS is also set up around business requirements. Instead of paying for large overhead set-up costs, businesses are able to pay for what they need as they go. 

User Experience

ITaaS offers improved user experience compared to old IT models. ITaaS must offer comprehensive abilities with transparent pricing models. 


Successful ITaaS vendors must also have a support team of experienced IT experts to deploy services and provide support, troubleshooting, and repairs. 

What are examples of IT as a Service? 

1. Cloud Services

Cloud services are interconnected platforms that allow users to access from any location with the internet.  This allows flexibility in business operations and alleviates the pressure of storage complexities. 

2. Network Security

Network Security helps protect businesses against unauthorized access through utlizing firewalls, anti-virus software, virtual private networks (VPNs), and performing regular network checkups. 

3. Information Reporting 

IT services can provide detailed reports about technology use, information storage, and financial data for businesses. Information reporting helps businesses analyze their operations and make better decisions.

4. Remote Services

Most IT services offer remote technical support to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise. Remote support allows for quick repairs and time-efficient updates to ensure minimal disruption.  

5. Technology Training

New technology and programs can have an initial learning curve. Even some updates can require some new learning from a team. Most IT vendors offer technology training for business teams; training employees on specific tools, applications, and programs.

ITaaS can transform the way your business operates and scales. Talk to an expert today to explore the options for your business.