3 Ways A DaaS Solution Can Help Small Businesses Strengthen Their Resources

When the pandemic hit, there was a wave of uncertainty and concern that hit globally; with regard to economics. As the world watched the impact of the pandemic affect every industry in one way or another. Businesses of all shapes and sizes were affected. However, small businesses in particular; were the largest population that were left struggling. Unfortunately, due to the major impacts that the pandemic brought, many small businesses had no other option, but to close their doors. A year and a half later, many small businesses are still reeling from the pandemic. According to the U.S Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, there are approximately 30.7 million small businesses within the U.S. Furthermore, small businesses create roughly 15 million jobs annually. Thus making up about 64% of the workforce. Due to how important small businesses are to stimulating the economy, it is important for small businesses to continue to grow and operate. With that, we have found ways that small businesses can benefit from the use of DaaS solutions.

Lowered Operational Costs

In comparison to large-sized businesses, small businesses do not have as much financial strength. Therefore, reducing costs is an important aspect for small businesses. Adopting a  cloud-based desktop such as DaaS, that provides remote servers within the cloud, benefits small businesses as the servers are being maintained and looked after by the cloud computing providers. The small businesses do not have to look over the servers themselves any longer. As a result, small businesses can save money on hiring IT departments as well as falling behind on security protocols. DaaS providers will take care of various security aspects such as performing data back-ups, updating anti-virus software and monitoring any suspicious activity.

Flexible Payment Plan

Due to small businesses having limited financial strength, it is important that small businesses use their financial assets and resources, accordingly. With that in mind, cloud computing such as DaaS solutions are usually scalable. Meaning, the solutions grow with the needs of the business. By doing so, small businesses can ensure they are not wasting precious resources.

The Popularity Of Working Remotely

Smaller firms typically have a smaller staff in comparison to larger businesses. With that in mind, staff retention is an important area that smaller businesses must pay attention to. Smaller businesses do not have the same financial or physical resources as other businesses to constantly train, hire and provide work-related devices, notebooks and workspaces to every new employee. With a DaaS solution, multiple users can be logged on and use the configured desktops. Moreover, DaaS solutions are compatible on many different operating systems and are less costly than traditional computer set-up. Thus, making remote work easier. By working remotely, small businesses can save on resources such as physical workstations. Additionally, According to a Workers’ Satisfaction Study by Lenovo, employees reported higher productivity,  increased flexibility and better life/work balance through working remotely. As a result, employees noted that businesses that offered work from home options and/or telecommute would be more attractive. Furthermore, Retention rates for businesses that offer remote work are higher.

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